Activity of the Week

Toad Abodes

Objective: To create a home for toads to attract them to the garden.

Clay pots
Paint brushes

Background Info:
Do you know what toads like to eat? (bugs, slugs, worms).  Sometimes bugs and slugs eat the vegetables and flowers in our gardens and ruin them.  If we want toads to help us control bugs and slugs that we find in our gardens, what should we provide to attract toads to our gardens?  If we give them a shelter, or home, they might stay in the garden.  If we have a live creature eating our bugs, we don't need to rely on chemical pesticides that could make us sick or hurt the "good" bugs and other wildlife. 

Toads breathe through their skin, and they like to stay cool in the heat of summer.  A toad abode is an upside-down clay pot that provides a cool shelter from the sun and protection from predators as well.  Clay pots can be set at an angle on small stones, or use a broken pot with a built-in doorway.


1. Decorate your toad abode with paint.  Paint the words "Toad Abode" and/or create designs.  
2.  Allow paint to dry.
3.  Place your Toad Abode in your yard or garden, set at an angle on stones or with a broken "doorway" for the toad to enter.
4.  Check your Toad Abode occasionally to see if a toad has moved in.